Your First Day

The day has finally come, the last few days of yes, no’s and maybe’s  - the mental torment of why am I doing this, the battle of the why and the constant surrounding of motivational YouTube videos in your lunch breaks. All of it has led to this point – the first day. Much like your first day at school, it’s a roller coaster ride, new people, new smells, new sounds and of course new levels of nerves – what we don’t remind ourselves of now when we start regressing into this mental state is how fondly we look back on this day. A day we conquered that day, we pushed through our comfort zone and ultimately laid a foundation for a journey through our schooling days. 


Mental preparedness is not something you can simply wake up and “do” it’s a technique, a skill that you need to work on – you have done this before, when you have gone to the dentist, broken up with your child hood sweet heart or even told your mum you just broke her favorite cow themed dish set (yes it happened and one day ill tell you more). When you knew that the conversation was going to happen you automatically went in to how you were going to work your way through the situation – this happens after your “oh shit” moment, just an FYI.  Just like every adult life decision you make, thinking you know how things are going to go down doesn’t mean that’s how it actually will and just like your first day of big school – your mum isn’t there to hold your hand through it. 

So how to you prepare yourself for the day you walk in, stay cool calm and collected and act like you know exactly what’s going to happen? Or ask double the questions and play it up like you’re the first one to ever be surrounded by like-minded individuals bettering themselves every dam day. One thing we do in our gym is celebrate every success and to be honest, you are already 5 steps ahead of anyone else thinking about doing the same thing – so celebrate that! You are already ahead of the thousands of people thinking about using fitness as a means of feeling better. In our gym, that would be a high five and you know what? That’s probably what you would get at some stage in your first hour at our gym – but I cant speak for everyone and this blog entry is about helping you get the most out of your first hour of fitness. Without a doubt celebrating how far you have come already is important, it gives you a positive thought process leading in and also gives you a solid foundation to move forward.

Now it is important to realize that there are some things that are out of your control, other people are out of your control, your coach and the workout you about to do. These are all in things that you cannot control so should we stress about them? Or should we talk about the things you CAN control. You can control the way you conduct yourself in the gym, “hi my name is Luke, its so nice to meet you” seems simple right? But in essence we are being ourselves (genuine) and in the same way we are building trust with those around us. This is an important foundational pillar for a strong a healthy community. Ever heard of the saying honesty is the best policy – it applies to so many things in life. We as human beings want to feel accepted and be apart of something far greater them ourselves, one of the ways we can feel and contribute to that is by being trustworthy. You can control the trust you invest and if you want to be involved in a fitness community you will need to invest – and I know you all do because you are already 5 steps ahead of everyone remember. 

I am not saying that if you do all of this everything will be fine, but it is a bloody good start! In future entries I will talk about your coach’s role and how you can get the most out of him or her but for now we are just focusing on you.

I will give you a great exercise to do if you’re not sure what you need to focus on. Draw 2 circles, one small then the other and then in between the small and big circle you jot down the things you cant control and within the smaller one all the things you can – now what you need to work on is increasing your smaller circle. That is, increasing the list of things you can control – this happens over time and will give you a better state of awareness for things you really shouldn’t spend too much time thinking about. This is a great exercise for focusing on the positives, which really is the underlying message of this post – this with your research on what you need to bring, what you can expect and also who you need to see when you arrive is all about setting you up for success on the day.

This day, like others in your life is a day that you can look on for the lessons learned and for the positives gained – we are constantly learning and evolving and with that you are refining one of the most important skills to have, being mentally prepared. 

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