First Blog Post - Step 1 of your Fitness Journey!

Starting a new fitness journey can be daunting, scary, intimidating and a bit of a baptism of fire all in the space of an hour. Ever felt like it has taken you 5 days to muster the confidence to act on a Facebook advert for your local gym? I know I have, those 5 days are riddled with conversations in your head…will they like me? I have NOTHING to wear? What if I make a fool of myself? What if I am not the fittest there? These are natural and normal reactions to starting a new fitness journey and it doesn’t matter what your best friend tells you and how much they like it, all you can think about is how outgoing and confident they are in themselves and how they can never be me. 



What we don’t think about is, why am I constantly thinking about feeling better about myself, what is the core reason? There has been many people I have trained and motivated to build a version of themselves that they are proud of that have thought this way……initially. When we think of this “friend” and how amazingly confident they are, we forget that they felt, thought and acted with the same hesitation that we are having right now and you know what it is completely normal. What this blog is about is mustering up that courage 5 days earlier then you did and why what you can do for yourself can determine how much you enjoy it and eventually get results. 

I don’t believe I have the magic cure nor do I think that this blog will be the miraculous injection that some of us need to get started. I believe that if you take one thing away from reading this, its that you as a person will always have a burning desire to be “better” in what way is up to you, but for those of you still reading – you have decided to better yourself in overall fitness and well being. In a world full fitness ideas and ideologies, often describing the next best thing and promising results – it will be no new news for anyone, hard work and dedication get you results; you all have been hearing this your whole life. The question is why wont you act on this desire now and why aren’t we thinking that we start, the hard work and dedication won’t matter. 

Ok, keeping in mind that everyone has different reasons for starting a fitness journey; our first step is outlining your why. Write it down, wall paper it on your smart phone or even set it up as an alarm on your phone so every few hours your reminded why your put yourself through a lengthy conditioning piece today. Ill give you an example of my why – I wasn’t always the most outgoing person I am today and reflecting back on my “why” reminds me how far I have come, and if someone told me that I would have just opened up my own business, who’s sole purpose is to build people up to be better versions of themselves; I would have laughed. Building solid relationships and friendships wasn’t always on the top of my agenda and now its one of the most common ways of my self fulfillment. The joy and inner excitement I receive from giving those around me encouragement and seeing their development as individuals is an indirect result of the friendships I have forged through my fitness journey. My why was and still is friendship and community and now in my brand spanking new fitness facility (like 3 weeks young fitness facility) I am still pursuing my why and building better humans through community, friendship and of course fitness. This is why I get up at 430am in the morning to sometimes have a class on, cause I know that if someone does walk through the doors, we will get better together.

So whats your why? Knowing your why can change and adapt, but initially its something that could be as simply as I want a change or I want to loose weight. Once you have this down and cemented into your mind – you need to remind yourself of it, memorise it and re-enforce it as it is going to be your best friend for when we start talking about taking those “dreaded” first steps up the long driveway to your local gym.

This is step one in many of this blog that we will explore and discuss, debate and agree.  Remember starting this step leads down a dangerous path of enlightenment, community, disappointment and friendship all of which we encourage through a safe and positive environment to explore together here at CrossFit Nook on the Sunshine Coast.