Frequently Asked Questions


Do we offer personal training?

Yes! Our coaches would love to work with you 1-on-1 so you can use the workout time you have to its best advantage. To get started with personal training 


Will I look like a body builder?

This is a common concern, especially for women, when really it shouldn’t be. Generally speaking, women are not hormonally predisposed to building large amounts of muscle. Adding lean mass requires dedication to a high-calorie diet and a focus on lifting heavy weights, often. While weightlifting is a key component in our programming, it is just part of a wider fitness model. Our aim is to make you fitter, stronger, healthier and more confident than when you first walked in the door.

The workouts look to hard for me!

We SCALE every workout at our gym - This means we can adapt the work out to suit your, or anyone’s, level of fitness and ability. Scaled according to your ability! 


Why are you more expensive than a normal gym?

Our classes involve a very hands on approach to training. That means you are receiving constant coaching and development at all stages of every session. Our program is has been hand picked for our community. A "traditional" gym requires a monthly membership, plus personal trainer costs per hour on top if you require this kind of coaching. See how the price of 4 PT Sessions a week plus monthly membership compares to our unlimited sessions a month package.


If I have an injury, can I still come in and workout?

It depends on the nature of your injury. If the injury is severe and a medical professional has advised you to take some time off to recuperate, we recommend you follow their advice. If it’s a minor injury, we are usually able to modify the workout for you to train around your injury and ensure a speedy recovery. Contact Us if you are unsure.


Will I have fun?

Of Course! Our main focus for our gym is SAFTEY and HIGH FIVES - We pride ourselves on this being the best hour of your day!