The 'Nook' Story.


Nook comes from many things, it means family, trust, loyalty, honesty and integrity; It's a feeling that you get when you find your happy place. CrossFit Nook is a facility where you know, you will be surrounded by like-minded individuals all ready to see you get to your personal best. It is where you will feel comfortable enough to push yourself out of your comfort zone, using quality equipment in a safe environment.

CrossFit Nook was created to help those find their way through Fitness – using CrossFit programming and a positive community we lay a solid foundation for growth.

We value those who want to contribute not only to their success but to those around them. Nook encompasses many things, but nothing more then the love and admiration we have for those who have trusted us to guide them to better overall health. We are dedicated to the fitness goals of our community and will ensure that all of our members feel the love when they enter our facility. The CrossFit Nook story has only just begun, it's getting stronger and with the support of our community will continue to grow. 


Meet The Team.


LUKE // Owner + Head Coach

Hi, my name is Luke Co-Owner and Head Coach of CrossFit Nook, I have a long history of training and developing individuals to meet their full potential. CrossFit and its fundamentals has given me a new lease on fitness and physical preparedness for life. Myself and my wife Shelly, have a strong connection with what CrossFit has given to us; making many lifelong friends through the community of CrossFit. I hope that every member that comes through our doors feels my excitement to help them achieve their fitness goals.


SHELLY // Owner

Hey, I’m Shelly Co Owner of CrossFit Nook. My fitness journey is a little different to someone who usually owns a CrossFit box. I’m fairly new to CrossFit training, but have been watching Luke train and compete for years. To me CrossFit means more than just getting fit, it means to be apart of a community!  Every box Luke has been apart of has provided both of us life long friends – this is my main reason for wanting to start CrossFit Nook. I can’t wait to make our own little community at CrossFit Nook. Looking forward to seeing you there soon!




Mish - Quality People. Stella Setup. Fun. Engaging. Progressive. Supportive. Challenging. Exciting. Strength. Mobility. 

These are just some of the words that come to mind when I think of CrossFit Nook. It is hands down THE BEST training facility I have been to on the coast. This is not only because of the beautiful open space they have to play with but Luke and Shelly as well as everyone who trains there is 100% genuine, approachable and make getting stronger a whole lot more fun! I would 100% recommend CrossFit Nook, even if you've never done a crossfit style workout before, trust me you won't be disappointed!

Emily - Shelly and Luke have created such a welcoming, inclusive and happy place to workout and to meet like minded people in your community. Having had limited knowledge of the Crossfit world and not that much excitement when it came to working out, Crossfit Nook has completely changed my opinion and I'll be forever grateful for that. The classes are always challenging, both mentally and physically but doing them together with a group of amazing is such an unreal feeling. The people I have met at Crossfit Nook are all such legends, all different in their own way but add to the awesome Nook Vibe. 

Being pretty picky with people critiquing/watching me workout, I was iffy on starting Crossfit but can now confirm it really is nothing like what you think it is. The head trainer Luke is ridiculously approachable and genuine and is exactly the type of trainer/coach you want when you aren't particularly confident in a gym setting. He is always positive and will let you know you're doing well or have improved in certain aspects and is awesome at teaching people with all different skill levels 

Honestly couldn't recommend Crossfit Nook enough, if you want to break up a sweat and meet some really cool people while you do it, it's the place to be!

Oliva - I was struggling to get back into an exercise routine because gyms were full of people I didn't relate to or who weren't easy to talk to and I just found it intimidating and a chore to work out. CrossFit Nook has made me love training again, not just because Luke's programming gets results, but the community and the people really make it so easy to walk in and enjoy yourself. The social aspect of the gym - catching up with new friends everyday is what will bring you back every time. The booty gains and fat loss are a bonus

Genna - I love the Nook and the people are awesome! Luke and Shelly (and Polly!) are so warm and welcoming and have created a great community and space for athletes of all abilities. Luke is a great coach who really knows his stuff and helps every individual to the best of their ability. I couldn't imagine training anywhere else now!

Grace - I absolutely love being apart of CrossFit Nook. What a positive, empowering community both Luke and Shelly have created. In just 6 months I have progressed more than I had ever anticipated all thanks to the amazing coaching and encouraging Nook members.

Rachel - CrossFit Nook is AMAZING! Everyone is so encouraging and welcoming, you can't help but fall in love with the place. Every workout is challenging and very rewarding. Luke and Shelly have created such a fantastic place to workout and have fun!

Sam - AMAZING ! luke and shelly are so welcoming and fun to be around ! the atmosphere in the box is great, i felt like part of the family the moment i walked in the door . highly recommend dropping in for a workout, you wont regret it 

Che - Highly recommend CrossFit Nook to anyone & everyone who want to get fit & strong in a positive & encouraging environment!!! Whether you're an experienced athlete, busy Mum, or a complete newbie you will be challenged & motivated to learn new things & find strengths you may not have discovered before. Thanks heaps Luke & Shelly for your support & creating a great place for my boys while I get the most out of that hour... I really admire the passion you have for CrossFit Nook!

Dan - Not really being a fitness person myself, the awesome community at crossfit nook was a great gateway into the fitness world. The love that these guys put into their business and crossfit family is awesome and I would definitely recommend to anyone that is thinking about starting their journey. Luke's focus on everyone's individual fitness, skill and progression is amazing. I can't say enough good stuff about the coaching and the environment these guys have built. So come down and see for yourself!!

Matt - The team at Crossfit Nook welcomed my partner and I with open arms. Being a Fitness snuff, I enjoy being tested when I workout, I find myself tested everyday at Crossfit Nook, the classes have a challenging, yet rewarding feel to them and the community sense is something that continues to bring me back everyday. I've seen a massive difference both physically and mentally in my training, in such a short amount of time and this is definitely down to the team at Nook. Luke and Shelly have done a fantastic job and I look forward to many more fun sessions at Crossfit Nook. 
I would definitely recommend this place to everyone!!!